Sober In The Sun is an alcohol and drug free festival that is held every year
on Labor Day weekend at the Treasure Valley Scout Reservation in
Rutland, Massachusetts. The festival features live music, camping, fireside
meetings, workshops, dances, swimming and boating, recovery vendors,
children's and teens activities, sports and recreation.

The festival is produced by Sand Stew, Incorporated -
A non-profit entity, and an entire staff of dutiful and exemplary volunteers.

We welcome you to join us at this year’s festival, which will mark our 26th year
of fun, fellowship, and activities for all who wish to experience how wonderful
the freedom from drugs and alcohol can really be !

The festival is held at:

Treasure valley Scout Reservation
394 Pleasantdale Road
Rutland, Massachusetts 01543

Please remember that when you visit our festival - you are entering the festival grounds at your own
A warm welcome from Sand Stew
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